We launched a new service!

Do you know programmers? Make $$$ by referring them to {Code}Licensing

We're the creators of 2 great Wordpress plugins:

Ultimate Social Media and Share Icons

(Our original one with many positive reviews)

Ultimate Social Media PLUS

(Even better with more features)

Both plugins allow you to place social media icons on your Wordpress site.

They are very easy to use and 100% FREE.

If you have questions please check out the FAQ section.

Hire us to work for you !

We're a team of 5 developers and provide the following solutions:

Building websites

(incl. design)



Web applications/ software


Theme customization

We use Wordpress and Core PHP/PHP5 (framworks Code Igniter, Laravel and CakePHP)

in which each of us have between 5 and 8 years of experience.

If you need work to get done in those areas at a very high standard and competitively priced please...

Also, if you don’t have any work but know somebody who does, please refer him/her to us. It’s your way of saying «Thank you» for using our plugins for free :) Thank you!

We’ve also built Codelicensing.com, a revolutionary marketplace for buying and selling codes !