FAQ (for our Premium Plugin)


How long is a license valid?

If you buy the plugin now you can use it for lifetime (without paying again). Support and updates are limited to one year, however the plugin will not be disabled after that year, so you can just keep using it.

Can I use the plugin on several websites?

One license is only valid for one website. However, we offer discounts of 20% on your second purchase & following.

To benefit from those discounts, please contact us after you purchased your first license.

If I don’t like it, can I get a refund?

We provide refunds if the plugin does not work on your site, and you gave us a chance to fix it (support is included in the Premium Plugin).

We do not provide refunds if you simply decide not to use it after purchase. The reason is that software products can easily be copied and not really be ‘returned’. We do not have any influence over what is done with the plugin after it has been downloaded. If we offered refunds in those cases, it would be possible to purchase the plugin, claim a refund, and keep using it.

It says my VAT number is not valid

Please ensure that you entered the correct name of your business, and the correct VAT number (including the two letters for the country code at the beginning).

You can also check if it is valid on the VAT site of the European Commission (fill the first two boxes on that page). There you can also double check under which name your business is registered. Please use that as business name when you enter it on our site.

If it shows as invalid on there also, please have a look at this section (or this section in German) to see possible causes.

Which icons do I get with the premium plugin?

Please have a look at this list.

Launching the plugin

How do I install the plugin?

Please have a look at this installation guide.

After uploading the zip-file, the plugin crashes or shows an error message and / or “Please try again”

This points to your server having low limits with respect to permitted upload times. Please set the values in the php.ini file to 90 for “max_execution_time” and to 48MB for “post_max_size”.

If you do not know how to do it, please contact your server support / hosting company for that (we would do it ourselves for you, but we cannot do it, it is a server thing).

An alternative way is to upload the plugin via FTP:

1. Unzip the plugin on your computer, which will uncompress all files. They will most likely be in a folder whose name is the same as the name of the plugin.

2. Upload that plugin’s folder via FTP to your website’s wp-content/plugins/ directory. Once it is there, you will be able to install the plugin from your plugins admin page when logged in.

See some training on FTP

The plugin starts uploading, but seems to be stuck

Please ensure that you are actually uploading the zip-file you received after downloading.

On Mac sometimes the file gets unzipped automatically. In this case, either zip it again (right click on the folder and select “compress”) or prevent the automatic unpacking by your Mac, see here.

I see “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS()…”

This error message points to the fact that you still have the PLUS plugin installed. Please delete it, and then try to install the Premium Plugin again.

Activating the license gives a cURL / timeout error

This means your server has difficulties communicating with our server. In most cases the reason for this is that there are restrictions on outgoing connections on your server, e.g. because of a firewall. Please ask your hosting company / server team to either a) temporarily de-activate the firewall (port 443) for a minute (at least the outgoing connections) or b) whitelist as IP so that your server can communicate with our server.

How does activation work on a Multisite?


1.) Install the plugin on the parent site but do not activate it

2.) Activate it on the child site where you want to use it

Plugin dashboard doesn’t load

Please ensure that:

  • You do not still have the PLUS version installed (please delete it entirely from your system)
  • You are using the latest version of the plugin(s)
  • Your site is running on PHP 5.4 or above 
  • You have CURL activated (should be activated by default)

If you are not familiar with those, please contact your hosting company or server admin.

Please check if you have browser extensions activated which may conflict with the plugin. Known culprits include:

  • Open SEO Stats (Formerly: PageRank Status) – Chrome
  • Adblock Plus – Chrome
  • Vine – Chrome

Either de-activate those extensions or try it in a different browser.


(Perceived) bugs

Sharing does not take the right text or picture

With the premium plugin, you can define which image and text should show when people share your page(s). You can either set a global sharing image & text (under question 6 in the plugin), or define it individually per post or page. For the latter, please insert this information on the edit post/page-page (i.e. on the page where you write your post, at the bottom you will see a new section where you can define the sharing image and text).

If you did that, but sharing still does not take the image or text you defined:

  • If you have a cache plugin installed please, disable it temporarily
  • Note that the social media platforms (e.g. Facebook) first need to scrape the new sharing information from your website. They do this in regular intervals, but it is not immediate. If you want to speed things up for selected posts/pages, please enter the url of the page you want to share on https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/ and click on “Fetch new scrape information”. That will make Facebook scrape your site again, and you will see the updated information which image or text gets shared.

    Linkedin is especially slow in updating the information – it caches the shared data for 7 days. To remove the cache, add a random string after url, e.g. if your url is  https://www.website.com/blog/ then enter https://www.website.com/blog/?new and click on enter in your browser. Then Linkedin will regard it as a new url and scrape the information.

If those points did not work, please raise a support ticket (at the top of the plugin’s settings page).

Updating of plugin does not work

If you try to update the plugin and get the error message…

“An error occurred while updating USM Premium: Could not create directory. Ultimate-Premium-Plugin/css/images”

…then the reason is most likely a permission issue on your server. Please give 755 permission to the plugin folder (or ask your server team / hosting company to do so).

I have other issues (after plugin has been activated)

Please have a look at our General FAQ

Didn’t find an answer? Ask us.

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