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What do I get with the premium plugin?

Many platforms

Beyond the usual suspects (Facebook, Twitter etc.) we added Snapchat, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Skype, Flickr, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Reddit, Amazon, Angie’s list, Blogger, Houzz, Goodreads, Steam, Print, VK, Xing, Yummly, Yelp, Telegram and several others to the bunch (see the entire list).

If any icon is missing which you want, then please let us know about it so that we can include it as well. We can add them quickly.

Many (default) design styles...

More design styles means a better match to what your site needs – and a more professional appearance!

Here again, if you need a design style not covered yet please let us know.

...and also themed styles!

To go the extra mile, we decided to create design styles which match the topic of your website. For example, if you’re an IT site, use the social media icons which look like computers. Have a girly site? Use the love hearts-icons etc.

Click here to search for icons matching the theme of your site.

The best sharing, liking & following features

You want to get followed & shared. The premium plugin increases the chances that this happens:

  • Define which pictures & snippet text should get shared for every page or post
  • Add pictures and snippets also to tweets (‘Twitter cards’)
  • Use an url-shortener for cleaner links
  • Allow people to follow you on Facebook and Google+ directly on your site (i.e. without leaving the page)
  • Define the specific page which gets liked (which might be different than where the button appears, e.g. your Facebook page)
  • Etc.

All this leads to more sharing, more attractive sharing content and more traffic!

Placement on specific pages

Define the pages where the icons should (not) be shown, e.g. by:

  • Page type (homepage, post page, tag page etc.)
  • Urls (e.g. urls which contain string xyz)

Positioning by anchor & margins

Decide to show your icons vertically as well as define where your icons should be displayed by defining:

  • The anchor (top-left / bottom-right etc.) and the
  • Margins (e.g. 200px from bottom, 100px from the left etc.)

Icons can be fixed, or float as the visitor moves down the page.

This makes placing the icons even easier (no CSS knowledge needed).

Optimization for mobile

Define separate selections for mobile, for example:

  • …which icons should show on mobile (which might be different from tablet & desktop)
  • …where the icons should show on mobile (floating or not, different positions etc.)

Many functions for Email icon

Give the email icon different functionalities:

  • Follow: Visitors can subscribe to your site and get email updates (SpecificFeeds)
  • Share: Visitors now can also share your site/blog post by email
  • Contact: Allow visitors to get in touch with you by email
  • Link: Link the icon to anywhere you want (e.g. to your contact page or newsletter page)

Cool pop-up options

Give your pop-ups a boost with many options, for example:

  • Set a limit to how often the pop-up is shown to the same user
  • Decide to show the pop-up when users try to leave your page
  • Define more than one trigger when pop-up is shown

This means: more likes & shares!

Correct count display on https

If you switched from http to https, then the number of facebook shares & likes may not display correctly anymore. That’s because when a user likes/shares a page, the specific url gets liked/shared, so if the url changes (e.g. due to a switch to https) then the counts show 0 again.

The premium plugin fixes this by giving you the option to show an aggregate count of the likes/shares of both the http- and https-version of the page. So people can see again your hard-earned likes & shares! 🙂

Tons of settings & options

Show the icons in the way you like, for example:

  • Align (left/right/center) the icons if placed via widget or shortcode
  • Define font size & type for text before icons which appear before or after blog posts
  • Show the subscription form in the pop-up
  • Define margins before & after icons for icons before & after posts
  • Set vertical distance between icons (esp. useful if you decided to show the icons only vertically)
  • Also place icons at the end of pages (not only posts)
  • Add up to 10 custom icons (not only 5)
  • Give click-to-call or SMS-me features to your custom icons
  • For Pinterest counts, also show the number of PINs from your Pinterest account, or of a specific board, or the number of your Pinterest followers
  • Omit the tooltip if you’ve given an icon only a share feature (i.e. visitors can click directly on the icon)
  • Decide if the tooltip appears above or below the icons
  • Benefit from specified image dimensions
  • Also add a Linkedin share icon before/after posts
  • Also place the rectangle icons via shortcode
  • Etc.

No credit link required

You won’t get asked to place a credit link (at the bottom of your site), so that your site stays nice & clean 🙂

(Friendly) support

If you need help with placing the icons on your site, or face any other issues due to our plugin (we cannot fix complicated template issues or conflicts caused by other plugins), we’re happy to help!

...and even more features in the pipeline…

We will continuously develop the plugin further (also based on your suggestions). All new features will be free of charge for you as premium user.

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