We’re the creators of the best social media plugins on Wordpress

  • Free
  • Result of sweat
  • Best SM plugin on the market until we developed the other two
  • Most (stellar) reviews (over 3,000)
  • Great solution for websites just starting out
  • Maintenance mode
  • 100% ethical (no sneaky ads etc. like many of our competitors)
  • Free
  • Result of sweat & tears
  • Further development of first plugin, giving it even more features and making it even easier to use at the same time
  • Not as many reviews as first plugin, but even better ones
  • Even better solution for new websites than first plugin
  • Maintenance mode
  • 100% ethical also
    • Premium
    • Result of blood, sweat & tears
    • Everything you didn’t dare dreaming about + a bit more (see features)
    • Support with installation
    • Great solution for sites which are serious about growing and want a highly professional look & the best sharing features
    • Active development, new features added consistently (at no extra charge)
    • 99% ethical (1 point deduction for taking money from you)

Hire us to work for you !

We're a team of 5 developers and provide the following solutions:

Building websites

(incl. design)



Web applications/ software


Theme customization

We use Wordpress and Core PHP/PHP5 (framworks Code Igniter, Laravel and CakePHP)

in which each of us have between 5 and 8 years of experience.

If you need work to get done in those areas at a very high standard and competitively priced please...

Also, if you don’t have any work but know somebody who does, please refer him/her to us. It’s your way of saying «Thank you» for using our plugins for free :) Thank you!

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