FAQ (also see our Premium Plugin FAQ)

(Perceived) Bugs

Plugin doesn’t load

Please ensure that:

  • You’re using the latest version of the plugin(s)
  • Your site is running on PHP 5.4 or above 
  • You have CURL activated (should be activated by default)

If you’re not familiar with those please contact your hosting company or server admin.

Please check if you have browser extensions activated which may conflict with the plugin. Known culprits include:

  • Open SEO Stats (Formerly: PageRank Status) – Chrome
  • Adblock Plus – Chrome
  • Vine – Chrome

Either de-activate those extensions or try it in a different browser.

If the plugin setting’s area looks “funny” after an upgrade then please clear your cache with String+F5 (PC) or Command+R (Mac).

If you get the error message “Are you sure you want to do this? / Please try again” when uploading the plugin: Some servers may have a low limits with respect to permitted upload times. Please set the values in the “php.ini” file to:

max_execution_time 90
post_max_size 48M

If you don’t know how to do it, please contact your server support / hosting company for that.

If your issue is still not fixed after you’ve followed the steps above, we can provide support as part of our Premium Plugin.

cURL Error messages “Error : 7”, “Error : 56”, “Error : 6” etc.

Those error messages point to a cURL-issue on your site. cURL is needed so that your site can communicate with other sites, which is important for the Email-feature to work (your site needs to communicate with SpecificFeeds.com to let it know you published a new post which needs to get sent out to your subscribers) and to get the number of counts for your icons (your site needs to communicate with Facebook, Twitter etc.).

If you don’t need those features, you can ignore the error message.

Fixing cURL issues

The best option is to fix your cURL issues for good.  Please check the following points (if you don’t know how to do this, please ask your server team or hosting company to do it):

1. Ensure that cURL is installed and activated on your site
2. Ensure that no proxy is blocking requests to other servers (e.g. because of a firewall)
3. Ensure that your server allows PUT/POST requests
4. Ensure your software is up to date

Workaround for Email-feature

If you cannot fix your cURL issues, you can make the Email feature work in another way:

1. Open www.specificfeeds.com/rss
2. Enter your website url and click on “Go”
3. You will be directed to a page which explains you the advantages of using SpecificFeeds. At the bottom, there are instructions how to set up the subscription option on your site.

Still not fixed? We’re happy to look into it as part of our Premium Plugin. If we don’t manage to fix it, you’ll get a full refund.

Checkboxes to select icons don’t show

If you cannot see the checkboxes where you can select the icons, like this:


…then most likely another plugin of yours is conflicting with our plugin’s Javascript.

You can find out which one it is via the Console.

Changes I make don’t get reflected on my website (front-end)

If you managed to make the icons display, but then later changes are not reflected, then most likely, it is a cache issue. Please:

  • Clear your browser’s cache; see how to clear browser cache.
  • Check if you have any cache plugins installed (e.g. “W3 Total Cache”). If you do, please temporarily disable it to see if it fixes it.
  • If you are behind CloudFlare it might be a cache issue on the server side, then either wait or purge cache in CloudFlare.

Still not fixed? We’re happy to look into it as part of our Premium Plugin. If we don’t manage to fix it, you’ll get a full refund.

Facebook / Instagram counts showing 0

The USM and USM+ plugins use one API (each) which allows the plugins to make a certain number of daily requests to get the counts (every time a website is loaded a request is made to Facebook/Instagram to get the counts). Due to the high popularity of the USM(+) plugins a lot of calls are made from all plugin users, so that when the daily limit is reached it will return “0” for all other calls that day.

This means: if your site has been called up early in the day, it will still show counts, but later not.

This is not satisfactory, and therefore we implemented a solution as part of our Premium Plugin where you can easily set up his own API in a few steps, which will fix this problem.

Icons don’t show

Please ensure you actually placed them. The Premium Plugin makes placing icons especially easy.

Also, please check:

  • If you have a cache plugin installed. If so, please de-activate it temporarily to see if that fixes it
  • If you placed them via widget, double check that your theme actually supports widgets
  • That you clicked on “Save” after making the selections on the plugin settings page

If only some icons show, i.e. like this…

Only some icons showing

…then please clear your cache, and check if you may have conflicting browser extensions (e.g. “Disconnect”-app in Chrome). In addition, Ad-Blockers are known culprits; please switch them off temporarily to see if that is the reason.

If the icons still do not show then there is most likely an issue with your theme. Either contact the creator of your theme, or ask us for support as part of our Premium Plugin.

Twitter share-counts are not displaying (anymore)

Unfortunately, Twitter stopped providing that information, see here. God only knows why.

Changes do not get saved / Deleted plugin but icons still show

Most likely, you have the WP Cache plugin installed. Please de-activate and then re-activate it.

If that does not help, please note that we are providing support as part of our Premium Plugin.

Links don’t work

Please ensure you have entered the «http://» at the beginning of the URL.

If the icons are not clickable at all, there is most likely an issue with your template. We provide support for (simple) template issues as part of our Premium Plugin.

I cannot upload custom icons

Most likely that is because you have set “allow_url_fopen” to “off”. Please turn it to “on” (or ask your server admin to do so – he will know what to do).

If you do not see the uploaded icon after you clicked on “Insert into post”, then maybe the GD library function (php-gd) is not installed. Please ask your server team or hosting company to install it. Please make sure that the following functions are working in the GD library: getimagesize, imagecreatefrompng, imagecreatefromgif, imagecreatefromjpeg, and imagecreatefromjpeg.

In some cases, it could also be because of an incorrect install of your SSL. Please use an SSL checker to see if it throws any errors.

Also, have a look at our guide how to upload custom icons.

My YouTube icon (direct follow) doesn’t work

Please ensure that you have selected the radio button “Username” when you enter a YouTube username, or “Channel ID” when you entered a channel ID.

If you need help, we offer support as part of our Premium Plugin.

Aligning the icons (centered, left- or right-aligned) doesn’t work

The alignment options under question 5 align the icons with respect to each other (see this example), not where they appear on the page.

In the Premium Plugin, we added the option to center the icons if placed via a widget, or shortcode. That should fix most alignment issues. If it doesn’t, we also provide support as part of the Premium Plugin.

Clicking on the RSS icon returns funny codes

That is normal – RSS users will know what to do with it (i.e. copy & paste the URL into their RSS readers).

Facebook “like”-count isn’t correct

When you “like” something on your blog via Facebook, The Plugin likes the site you’re currently on (e.g. your blog) and not your Facebook page.

Therefore, it also does not show the number of your Facebook followers however, that is something we are thinking about offering as part of our Premium Plugin.

Sharing doesn’t take to the right text or picture

We use the codes from Facebook, Google+ etc. and therefore don’t have any influence over which text & pic is shared.

Note that you can define an image as “Featured Image” which tells Facebook / Google etc. to take that one. You’ll find this “Featured Image” section in your blog’s admin area where you can edit your blog post, i.e. here.

You can crosscheck which image Facebook will take by entering your URL on https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/.

Still not fixed? We’re happy to look into it as part of our Premium Plugin. If we don’t manage to fix it, you’ll get a full refund.

The pop-up shows although I only gave my icon one function

Please check out the Premium Plugin, which avoids the tooltip/pop-up in those cases.

I selected to display icons after every post but they do not show

Most likely, you are using the USM plugin. They usually do show, however not on your blog page, but on your single posts pages. The Premium Plugin also allows displaying the icons on your homepage.

Plugin decreases my site’s loading speed

The plugin is one of the most optimized social media plugins in terms of impact on a site’s loading speed (optimized code, compressed pictures etc.).

If you still experience loading speed issues, please note that:

  • The more sharing- and invite- features you place on your site, the more external codes you load (i.e. from the social media sites – we just use their code), therefore affecting loading speed. So to prevent this, give your icons only “Visit us”-functionality rather than sharing-functionalities.
  • We’ve programmed it so that the code for the social media icons is the one which loads lasts on your site, i.e. after all the other content has already been loaded. This means: even if there is a decrease in loading speed, it does not affect a user’s experience because he sees your site as quickly as before, only the social media icons take a bit longer to load.

There might be also other issues on your site, which cause a high loading speed (e.g. conflicts with our plugins or template issues). Please de-activate those to find out which one causes the conflict.

Still not fixed? We’re happy to look into it as part of our Premium Plugin

After moving from demo-server to live-server the follow/subscribe-link does not work anymore

Please delete and install the plugin again.

If you already placed the code for a subscription form on your site, remove it again and take the new one from the new plugin installation.

When I try to like/share via Facebook, I get error message “”App Not Setup: This app is still…”

If you get the error message…

“App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don’t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.”

…then most likely, you are currently logged in with a business account on Facebook. Please logout, or switch to your personal account.

If the issue persists, please make sure you are not using any other plugin for Facebook sharing. If you do, please de-activate it and see if that fixes it.

Still not fixed? We’re happy to look into it as part of our Premium Plugin. If we don’t manage to fix it, you’ll get a full refund.

There are other issues when I activate the plugin or place the icons

Please check the following:

  • Please try it also with the Premium Plugin (if it still cannot be activated we will fix it or you get a full refund).
  • The plugins require that CURL is installed & activated on your server (which should be the standard case). If you do not have it, please contact your hosting provider.
  • Please ensure that you do not have any browser extension activated, which may conflict with the plugin, esp. those that block certain content. Known culprits include the “Disconnect”-extension in Chrome or the “Privacy Badger”-extension in Firefox.

If issues persist most likely, your theme has issues, which makes it incompatible with our plugin. We provide support as part of our Premium Plugin for template/theme issues.

Text not visible in the subscription form

If you use the subscription form, but cannot see any text when you enter an email, then most likely your theme CSS is overwriting the plugin’s settings.

To fix this, add a line of code in your “style.css” of your theme.

If you are using the Ultimate Social Media Icons plugin, please add this line:

.sfsi_subscribe_Popinner input[type=email] { color: #000 !important; }

If you are using the Ultimate Social Media PLUS plugin, use this line:

.sfsi_plus_subscribe_Popinner input[type=email] { color: #000 !important; }

If you still need help, we’re happy to assist you as part of our Premium Plugin.

I get the Error “Error: Please fix your theme to make plugins work correctly….”

If you get the error message…

Error: Please fix your theme to make plugins work correctly. Go to the Theme Editor and insert the following string: Please enter it just before the following line of your header.php file: Go to your theme editor: click here.

…then please follow the steps as outlined in the error message. If you need help, please have a look at this article.

As outlined in the above-mentioned article, every well-developed theme should already have the wp_footer and wp_head functions as they are needed by many plugins (not just ours). It is a standard in WordPress. Also, see this article.

I have issues activating the license

Please see our Premium FAQ.

How To's

How can I place the icons only on specific pages?

This is a feature which we implemented in our Premium Plugin.

How can I get access to the emails to which I signed up?

For that you need to claim your feed, which is easy to do: Click on the “Claim your feed”-link which you find under question 2 in the plugin’s settings page (next to the email icon; make sure you have the email-icon selected under question 1 so that the email icon shows up under question 2)…

Claim your feed link

…which will ask you to sign up (or login). After you’ve done that, you’ve created an account with your feed, and you can click on “My Offered Feeds”…

My offered feeds

…and then on “Add & View Subscribers” which will download a csv-file containing the emails of your subscribers.

While you’re logged in, also click on “Edit Feed” (see the icon on the right in above screenshot) and give your feed a proper description so that more people will find it and subscribe.




How can I see how many people shared or liked my post?

You can see this by activating the “counts” on the front end (under question 4 in the USM plugin, question 5 in the USM+ plugin).

If you like to know when people start to follow you by email, then you can get email alerts from SpecificFeeds. For that, please claim your feed (see question above).

We are also thinking about implementing more comprehensive statistics for shares & likes as part of the Premium Plugin. Please let us know there that you’re interested in this feature, so that we know there is demand.

How can I change the “Please follow & like us :)”?

The “Please follow and like us” can be in two different locations:

  • In a widget: If you placed the icons via a widget, then please go to your widget area where you can change the “Please follow and like us”
  • Before/after posts: If you placed the icons before or after posts,  then you can change the “Please follow and like us” under the question on the plugin settings page where you placed them

For further help, please check out our Premium Plugin.

Can I use a shortcode to place the icons?

Yes, for the USM plugin, is [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_SOCIAL_ICONS] and for the USM+ plugin and the Premium Plugin, is DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS. (Please also put that into brackets, i.e. [ ]) You can place it into any editor.

Alternatively, you can place the following into your codes: <?php echo do_shortcode('[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_SOCIAL_ICONS]'); ?> for the USM plugin and <?php echo do_shortcode('Kindly go to setting page and check the option "Place them manually"'); ?> for the PLUS-plugin.

Note: If you place the php-shortcode, and then de-activate the plugin (so the shortcode is still on your template) then you may get an error “Fatal error: Call to undefined function DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PL…”. In that case, please use the code like this to solve the error:

“if (function_exists(‘DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS’))

If you need help with placing the shortcode please check out this article. If you still need help Premium Plugin

Can I get more options for the icons next to posts?

With the Premium Plugin, you can also:

  • Place icons before posts
  • Use the icons you selected (instead of the standard icons)
  • Display icons also on the homepage

If users clicks on the email icon, can I make them contact me (or share by email)?


Yes, you can do this and much more in our Premium Plugin.

How can I change the text on the “visit-us” buttons?

Currently that is not possible; however, we have it on our enhancement list. Please let us know that you are interested in this feature so that we can integrate it into our Premium Plugin.

Can I deactivate the icons on mobile?

Yes, you can do that in our Premium Plugin. There you can also define to show the icons in different locations on mobile.

How can I use two instances of the plugin on my site?

You cannot use the same plugin twice; however, you can install both the USM as well as the Premium Plugin. We have developed the code so that there are no conflicts and they can be used in parallel.

Can I define my own font types?

The premium plugin offers a custom CSS section (under question 6) where you can define your own font type.

Please insert there:

.sfsiaftrpstwpr .sfsi_plus_Sicons span:first-child, .sfsibeforpstwpr .sfsi_plus_Sicons span:first-child{

font-family: <font that user wants to apply>;



For example:

.sfsiaftrpstwpr .sfsi_plus_Sicons span:first-child, .sfsibeforpstwpr .sfsi_plus_Sicons span:first-child{

font-family: Raleway;


Can I give my custom icons a call-functionality?

Yes, that is possible in the Premium Plugin. Please enter “tel:” as URL and then the phone number, e.g.: “tel:123456”

Enhancement ideas

What about offering the plugin in different languages?

Please note that most text can already be changed in the plugin. If you want to show different languages for the “visit us”, “follow” etc. texts on the buttons, this is possible in the Premium Plugin.

Could you please also add icons for Tumblr, Flickr, Yelp, etc…?

We have added those, and many more, in our Premium Plugin.


Showing your love

Glad to hear you like our plugins!

If you want to say “Thank you” there are several ways you can do so:

Didn’t find an answer? Ask us. Please post it in the support forums for the USM or USM+ plugin or get in touch with us, stating your blog url and a detailed description what the problem is.

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